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Hi. I'm Gillian.


My outlook is simple: life should be filled with experiences, not things.

My experiences began early. My Dad started his own travel business in the 1970s and I've been absorbed by the subject ever since.

I went down another road for a while – a degree in accountancy, a Masters in IT – but the family business was way more interesting. I've never looked back.

Travel has so many benefits. I'm proof of that, and have been lucky to see so many countries, cultures, resorts and…  experiences.

After more than twenty years in the industry, I've been an independent travel expert since 2015.

Edinburgh is my home.

Gillian Stewart in Poric, Croatia
Gillian Stewart in Sri Lanka

Where I've Been

I have been lucky enough to have visited lots of the world, including some truly incredible places: Australia, the Indian Ocean, China and much of south east Asia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, several states in the US, Canada, Cuba and the Caribbean, much of Europe and the Middle East.


I also have hands-on experience of many cruise lines.
There's always another destination and experience beckoning - Japan is next for me.  

Favourite Places

Mauritius is a beautiful island and has a special place in my heart. I first visited twenty years ago and have been back several times since. It has some wonderful hotels with superb service, lovely people, amazing food and is very good value for money. Perfect for a beach holiday. 


South Africa has everything - food, wine, culture, history, stunning nature and scenery, safari, beautiful seaside towns and beaches and some luxurious hotels. My favourite holiday of all time was here - Christmas and New Year with my family.  

Sri Lanka for me has the loveliest people in the world and again huge diversity as a holiday destination. The cultural triangle, spectacular temples, Sigiriya rock, Dambulla caves, nature reserves, safari, beach and mouth-watering food. 

Cambodia left a lasting impression. Climbing the Angkor Wat temples was memorable.

Croatia is my favourite European country. Very similar to Italy in many ways but with a more sedate pace of life. The Istrian Coast is stunning - hillside villages, seaside towns, great cuisine and magnificent Roman architecture.

Gillian Stewart in Barbados

Top Of My Bucket List

Antartica - the last true uninhabited wilderness. 

Most Embarrassing Travel Experience

After arriving in Australia rather jet lagged, my sister, who was sharing a room with me, awoke during the night and ventured onto our balcony for some fresh air. She managed to get herself entangled in the curtains, waking me who subsequently screamed the place down thinking it was an intruder! We still laugh about it today.

Your One Luxury When You Travel

Socks and an extra jumper - I always freeze!

Best Piece Of Travel Advice

Pack MUCH less than you think you need!

Gillian Stewart in Mauritius
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