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Sea for yourself...

I have been cruising for nigh on 40 years now, starting at a very young age on the Canberra for those who may remember and have been fortunate to experience most lines. The beauty of cruising is getting to see so many different places in one trip without any additional flights, trains or buses. 

Cruising has evolved hugely over the years and there really is something for everyone. The mega ships are ideal for families, some even offering bowling alleys and ice-rinks and all extremely good value for money. The smaller luxury six-star ships are perfect for couples with the standard of service and food comparable to a top luxury hotel.

River cruising has become increasingly popular, with ships having smaller passenger numbers and creating a more intimate atmosphere. Sailing to different areas, the onboard food and drink offered is sourced locally and there are some fabulous and innovative themed itineraries covering a range of hobbies and interests. 

Let me help choose the perfect ship for you...

Cruise - Douro Valley - Pinhao - Gill li

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