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Client Blog: Linda introduces Meg the dog & PAWS Mauritius

This is a gorgeous story from my lovely client, Linda, who is keen to raise awareness for PAWS in Mauritius, following her own holiday experience...


In 2018, Gillian organised a fabulous safari and beach holiday for us.

After a perfect stay in South Africa, we moved onto Mauritius for snorkelling and sunshine.

Being our second trip to this beautiful island, we were aware of the many stray dogs and we were happy to feed the local ones we came across on the public beach.

One dog, however, was not part of the pack and that dog became our shadow for the next ten days.

We had a dog-shaped hole in our lives left by the passing of our old beagle a few weeks before and so, after much soul-searching and help from PAWS Care UK, hotel staff and PAWS Mauritius, we arranged to bring her back to the UK.

A trip to the kennels and a 30-day anxious wait saw us arrive at Gatwick Airport to fetch our girl, now named Meg.

A raucous reunion with not a dry eye in the house and Meg’s adventures in Sussex began.

It has not been plain sailing - when she came to us, she had a TVT (parasitic tumour) that was thankfully cured after three rounds of chemotherapy; and having been hit in her past, she was petrified of any form of stick, be it broom, walking stick or fishing rod.

She was also scared of men in black trousers but the lovely staff at our local B&Q (who wear black) have helped us to sort that one out, and we now have the most affectionate, crazy companion dog that we wouldn’t be without.

Adopting a dog from Mauritius is not right for everyone, but we’ve also found other ways to help.

Historically, many hotels get dogs “removed” when they think they are becoming a nuisance but Strays of Belle Mare & Palmar Beach Welfare Project Mauritius is trying to work with hotels to look after their local pack - getting them sterilised and looking after their welfare.

It’s a great project and some hotels are on board, and this fabulous organisation also allows you to sponsor a beach stray and provide information on dog tolerant hotels.

PAWS Care UK helps with feeding and sterilisation days, and animal-loving tourists to magical Mauritius may enjoy paying a visit to Happy Tails Sanctuary to meet the beautiful dogs in their care for cuddles and walks like we did.

Thank you so much for reading ours and Meg’s story. We would be happy to share any further information via Gillian to those interested.

Linda, Steve & Meg 🐾


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