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Gill’s Blog: My own rescheduled 2021 holiday plans

Like the experiences of many of my clients, my 2020 holiday plans were rescheduled for this year and are currently hanging in the balance. One thing however is certain - if they don't happen in 2021, they shall be happening in 2022!

I can’t wait to get away for a change of scenery and an opportunity to recharge. I have three very different experiences awaiting...


The first cancelled trip was a city break to Stockholm in May 2020.

I have heard so many good things and was eagerly looking forward to exploring all the different islands, the Gamla Stan - Stockholm's old town, the museums (excluding the ABBA one – I am the only person I know who doesn’t like them!) and the food – both street and non-street.

After considerable research, I had chosen Hotel At Six - “a destination where contemporary art, fine dining and exquisite interior design meet to create a modern luxury hotel in central Stockholm”.

It’s highly unlikely that the rescheduled trip will go ahead next month but when it finally does, I am looking forward to reporting back from one of Europe’s most inclusive and welcoming cities.


We always travel as a family (parents, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew) at least once a year, so last July was (and hopefully may yet still be) a big group trip to one of my very favourite places, Croatia’s stunning Istrian Coast.

We had booked a villa to cater for us all just outside Rovinj and always have a car to enable us to get out and explore. I have visited this area before and completely fell in love with it.

The Istrian Coast is very similar to Italy but more laid back. There is such a variety of things to do and see - hillside villages, seaside towns, great food and wine and magnificent Roman architecture.

The Pula Amphitheatre is amazing and so well preserved and if you do want an Italian fix too, you can nip over to Venice for the day by ferry from Porec.


Last but most certainly not least is my autumn trip to Japan, currently rescheduled for October. I have always been fascinated by this incredible destination and felt like this was the time of year I wanted to visit.

I spent weeks researching and learning about the country last year and was thrilled when the opportunity arose to work closely with specialist tour operator InsideJapan on my first online client event which took place last month.

Not only was the event a huge success, but it provided a hugely valuable personal training session in advance and the reassurance that I had pieced together a fantastic itinerary.

I am so looking forward to every stop but a highlight for me will be catching sight of the iconic Geisha Girls in Kyoto and of course experiencing the hospitality of the world’s most polite people.

Watch this space.

Gillian x


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