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Client Blog: The Dalziel family holiday to Ikos Olivia in Halkidiki

I consistently receive great feedback about Ikos Resorts and with Greece on the UK’s amber list at the time, I knew one of their resorts would suit the lovely Dalziels for a family break.

Availability is always tight here and even during Covid all the properties were busy, but I was pleased to secure a deluxe two bed seafront bungalow suite for their dates.

With many families eager to get away and especially a need to book ahead for Ikos, I asked Sarah if she would kindly report back on their recent experience...


We were eager to get a 2021 family holiday and chose Ikos based on recommendations from both Gillian and several friends. Greece looked like the best option, keeping everything crossed that when we were due to travel it was going to be on the UK’s safe list. Gillian found us something suitable at Ikos Olivia in Halkidiki.

The travelling during the pandemic experience was, of course, going to be different but Gillian kept us updated with what was needed before, during and after travel.

The pre-travel requirements seemed daunting at first but having done it once and with Gillian’s support we are now quite relaxed about travelling again. Myself and my husband have been vaccinated but not our children yet, so the teenagers were required to have a PCR within 72 hours of departing and we had to complete a PLF for entry into Greece.

We flew with Jet2 from Manchester where the airport was relatively quiet and our form, PCR test results and vaccination certificates were all inspected at check-in. Masks had to be worn throughout but overall, the experience felt quite normal.

In Greece, our PLF was quickly checked after going through passport control and we were soon with the friendly driver of our private transfer to the resort.

On arrival, we were taken into the very spacious reception area and given refreshments whilst checking in, before being accompanied to the resort’s medical centre for the teenage children to be given an antigen test. Once this had been completed and cleared, we were no longer required to wear masks during our stay, which thankfully kept Covid out of our minds for a bit. The holiday was now well and truly underway.

The hotel is delightful and felt incredibly spacious. We had access to the deluxe pool, which was never crowded, likewise, the fabulous beach, and each of us loved the extremely comfy loungers!

The kids particularly enjoyed the buffet, and we had a lovely family experience with dinner on the beach one evening with a wonderful Mediterranean Sea backdrop setting and delicious food.

We enjoyed two different suites during our stay. Stuart and I preferred the beachfront bungalow with its lovely garden and view, whilst unsurprisingly the kids preferred the one with the private pool.

All restaurants were lovely and there was plenty of choice during our 11-night stay. The only slight disappointment was the unavailability of the dine-out option.

We therefore only left the resort once, going out for an enjoyable day on a hired boat - an experience that also felt safe and normal.

The on-site medical centre was able to provide the testing that we had to undergo up to 48 hours before our departure and this was done within 10 minutes. It was all very straightforward, and hopefully, this process along with PLF form completion, will become even easier as travel opens further.

It was lovely to be able to get away and relax as a family and enjoy the sunshine. We did have initial reservations about going but having now done so, we didn’t feel that Covid impacted on our trip and feel confident to travel again. We are now excitedly planning more trips.

I am thankful to Gillian for keeping me right when preparing for our trip and being updated on all requirements throughout. Having her at the end of the phone encouraged us to travel knowing she was always there to help.


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