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Gill’s Blog: My client John Ingham’s new Viking book, Blood-Eagle Saga

I am proud to have been organising John Ingham's travel for several years, including several inspirational trips to Scandinavia.

When he recently sent me his debut book, Blood-Eagle Saga, I was keen to offer support and informing my own audience seemed a good way to do so, especially any potentially interested readers seeking a new book for their next holiday.

Here’s John’s own insight into how it came about…


Hi Gill,

I've been fascinated by Vikings since I was a kid and, thanks in part to you and Holidaysplease, I've been to sites all over Scandinavia and even cruised the Greenland fjords where Erik the Red settled.

So, you can claim direct involvement in the saga!

In a nutshell, Blood-Eagle Saga is a Viking saga that takes rival Viking warbands across the Atlantic where they fight alongside and against Native Americans.

At its heart is what makes a Valhalla-worthy warrior and a great warlord.

There are lots of battles and a bit of swearing. After all, it's about Vikings.

It's had several 5-star reviews and confirmation that it's a gripping holiday read.

Just to give the book a proper Dark Ages feel, I've written it in the style of Beowulf and the Vikings' Poetic Edda.

Thanks for your support.



The book is available online from Amazon, publisher Austin Macauley and John’s website has links to other online outlets plus more information.

Here's a trailer from the publisher:

Good luck to John with his first published novel and if anyone would like to contact him, please let me know.


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