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"We cannot thank Gillian enough for her priceless assistance over the years" - Diane Munro

Large family birthday celebration in Mauritius
Large family birthday celebration in Mauritius

Given the current uncertainties in the world and going forward, it is even more critical to have the experience and knowledge of a trustworthy travel advisor.

Gillian has organised trips and booked holidays for our extended family for more than 20 years and we could not recommend her more highly.

She is always a delight to speak with and nothing is ever too much trouble, even when we are dithering about small details and decision making.

Her assistance has been particularly invaluable when there have been unforeseen problems.

Hurricane Irene and flight cancellations had left us stranded in Florida with a real problem on our hands. One call to Gillian and new flights home were quickly organised.


Shortly before departure to Mauritius for a large family birthday celebration, an unexpected government-related issue had caused the temporary closure of our hotel. Gillian immediately secured us an upgrade to a superior resort, where we all had the holiday of a lifetime.

Only recently we travelled to New Zealand and Australia to visit family. Whilst away, the coronavirus was starting to become problematic in Singapore where we were headed en route home. An email to Gillian and our flights, transfers and hotel were all quickly rearranged to Dubai.

In each of these cases, a negative and challenging situation was swiftly changed into a positive experience which enhanced our holidays.

We cannot thank Gillian enough for her priceless assistance over the years.

Diane Munro



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